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Khoisan hunter-gatherers have been the largest population throughout the majority of modern human demographic history.
Kim HL, Ratan A, Perry GH, Montenegro A, Miller W, & Schuster SC, Nature Communications 5:5692.

Natural selection for the Duffy-null allele in the recently admixed people of Madagascar.
Hodgson JA, Pickrell JK, Pearson LN, Quillen EE, Prista A, Rocha J, Soodyall H, Shriver MD, & Perry GH, Proceedings of the Royal Society B 281: 2014930.

Adaptive, convergent origins of the pygmy phenotype in African rainforest hunter-gatherers.
Perry GH, Foll M, Grenier JC, Patin E, Nedelec Y, Pacis A, Barakatt M, Gravel S, Zhou X, Nsobya S, Excoffier L, Quintana-Murci L, Dominy NJ, & Barreiro LB, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 111:E3596-603.

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